Post-Abortion Services

Post-Abortion Support

Statistics estimate that close to 43% (1 out of 3) women of childbearing age have experienced an abortion in the United States. These women carry an incredible burden of silence and heartache. Many struggle for years with repressed memories, guilt, shame and depression. Most women feel they are not allowed to talk about their abortion experience.

There is help and healing for those who have had an abortion.

The Elmore County Pregnancy Center offers Surrendering the Secret, a supportive and confidential environment for women to find healing and restoration from a past abortion and to bring a sense of hope and purpose for the future. The 8-week program is based on an interactive Bible study, meaningful group experiences, unique journaling exercises and is led by women who have walked this journey themselves.  If you feel you have never completely healed or recovered from an abortion experience or that a past abortion may be affecting your current quality of life, then Surrendering the Secret is for you.

The Elmore County Pregnancy Center would love to walk with you in a journey of healing.  Contact Us

surrendering the secret
Our class will be led by Certified “Surrendering the Secret” leader Traci Martin. Traci made the decision to end  three of her pregnancies with abortion. This Bible study led her to freedom from guilt, shame, and loss from those choices.  Her desire is to see you experience the same healing. Come learn the truth about God’s love and mercy for you, dear sister.
Please feel free to contact Mary Claire for registration or other questions regarding the class. Reach her by phone at 334-402-0772.

To help us prepare, we invite you to register for the next Surrendering the Secret Class by filling out the registration form below.  All information will be kept completely confidential.  You may also attend without registering.